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Hello and welcome to Sweet Sci-Fi, this blog contains audio drama scripts, their audio counterparts
and stories, for more information about the cast click the "Introduction" tab.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself My name is Rachel Sweet, I am Twenty one years old and
I have been studying Media as a subject for around six to seven years. I started studying Media
Production in 2007 at the Magnus Church of England School I took the subject as a GCSE and
completed the two year course, i did a selection of projects which  include Advertising,
Radio production, Photography  Magazine Editing, Dramas, Only just to name a few. I left school
in 2008 and continued my studying at my local College, Newark College. I stayed there for three
years and completed two courses, they where Creative Media and the BTEC National Diploma In Media Production. I have a few videos online from a few projects, first I would like to present the News
Project, the main people i have worked with on my many projects are, Louise Bryant, Danny Stuart,
Brandon Maidment, Daniel Hayward and guest actor Adam Marshall. Me and the group wanted to cover the Ecoli story and trouble youths on the York Drive Estate, The name FLAME came from a past project on the Creative Media Course. The second project, I was with a different group of people, we had to pick a style and product from out of a hat, I got space theme and fizzy drink product. This is  called UF ADE. The third project was a film project and again i did a acting spot in this, the
project is called Family Heirlooms, this short film did have a few bloopers but we didn't add them
at the end of the production. Toward the end of the first year we made another huge production again
but this was a Soap Opera, the film was based around two twins who where separated at the age of five and everyday they try to find each other until one hospital visit, this production is called P.O.V
Points Of View. Now my final major project is one of my favourites, I wanted to create something
alike from the Film Noir and the Soap Opera but making it a bit more humorous, this slap-stick
production is called Gun Point, it features two undercover policemen named Ace Foxtura and Corneal Confetti,they both search and wonder why their co-officer Bella June is acting strange. After the three years at Newark College i started applying for University courses but only the University Of Lincoln
replied to me, the University was my first choice and Nottingham Trent was my second, I applied
for Animation, Media Production and the new course, Documentary Production. All end well
with Documentary Production.

That was just my academic side of things as for a Whovian, I have been a Whovian for as long as
i can remember- I did watch the classic series during my younger years in the early/mid 90s
(only breifly remember what i watched, i do indeed remember watching Tom Baker on the TV when i
was a toddler. My father was/is such a huge fan of his). When the new series came onto our screens
i was more of a frequent viewer...and i was older and a understood the show a bit more better. I
would of loved to remember which was my very first episode that i saw but there are so many Tom
Baker adventures.

I am not a professional writer, i have never had plans on becoming a writer but with these scripts
and stories i only do them for fun & nothing else. I really hope you enjoy what i have to offer and
stay tuned for more adventures!

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