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Doctor Who- Pilot Episode "Welcome Thirteen" AUDIO DRAMA SCRIPT!

Doctor Who- Pilot Episode
"Welcome Thirteen"

Written By- Rachel Sweet

It was a drafty November evening, it was slowly getting dark and the only source of light was coming from the mysterious well. There was still no sign of the Doctor nor his body it was almost unlikely that The Doctor is ever going to survive this deep pool of liquid but until minutes after the liquid began to bubble then appeared a head.

Doctor:- *Almost out of breath* That was something i wasn't expecting today! YUCK!  This..this liquid isn't that delicious.

The Doctor gets out of the mysterious well and tries to get dry

Doctor:- *Incredibly Confused* Where am i? What time is it? It's dark..very dark..

The Doctor searches within his pockets to see if there is anything within them that can help jog his memory, with what luck the incredible sonic screwdriver activated while he was searching.

Doctor:- *Excited* Ahhhh-HA! Oh this is FANTASTIC! Really fantastic! Oh i remember you, Oh i do remember you old girl! My sonic screwdriver! *Brief Pause* But...but why would i need something like this?

Foolishly The Doctor looked directly into his sonic screwdriver and within that split second the screwdriver activated once again shooting a beam of light into The Doctor's eye.

Doctor:- OWW!..WAIT! I know! I know who i am now! YES! I AM THE DOCTOR! Hm my eye hurts and my clothes are a lot more bigger than i remember...Oh no..i've not..i haven't..Oh i've regenerated haven't i?  *The Doctor checks his face and gasps*  Blimey someone's turned the clock back..these cheeks...I'm a baby! NO! I can't be a baby! Impossible! But these full of life. I need to get back to The TARDIS, i have questions that need to be answered.

An hour passed and The Doctor finally reaches his TARDIS and he enters rushing to find a mirror to check out his new face

Doctor:- Thank goodness i still have the key to the TARDIS  in my pocket, now...a mirror..mirror..mirror..mirror..Ah-HA!..Oh..Oh..Oh dear, oh dear oh dear, i wasn't expecting this, i wasn't expecting this at all! Well, could be'm..STILL NOT GINGER! Well shouldn't fret there is far more important studies to be taken at hand.

The Doctor takes off his jacket to analyses the liquid that was still on him, but the TARDIS is having difficulty understanding this matter

Doctor:-  Well that's strange, The TARDIS doesn't normally have problems understanding alien substances, maybe returning to that mysterious well and get more samples and even study the surroundings...

The Doctor makes his way back to the mysterious well, it was still dark and gloomy but luckily the light above the well was still shining bright it was as bright as the glowing moon in the sky, A more prepared Doctor begins to analyse the area he continues to bring out a magnifying glass and starts sniffing around.

Doctor:- Well by looking at this substance it doesn't seem very earthly, The TARDIS did say that we are located on earth 2063.

The Doctor looked deep within the mysterious well trying to be careful when getting a sample for his research he took out a syringe and gained a sample. A small bird flew down  and bathed in the liquid, then a bubble formed around the creature, the bubble turned white then popped leaving that once adult bird into a young chickling, The Doctor stood there in complete shock.

Doctor:- That black now a chickling...this doesn't make any sense what so ever, i should take this sample back to the TARDIS and find out what it is, it defiantly isn't water question if a few seconds caused that bird to become a chickling, then..if i was drowning...Oh Dear..

The Doctor made a quick dash back to the TARDIS, thoughts about the Black Bird where still running through his mind, he runs through the TARDIS's front doors almost tripping over both his feet, then he reaches the console.

Doctor:- Come on old 'gal! You don't normally take this long to analyse! Then again this stuff is very goopy i needed a butter knife to get this stuff out. I hope i haven't damaged...

Before he could finish his sentence a loud bang came from within the TARDIS's control area and what was sent in came straight back out. The Doctor sounding a bit terrified.

Doctor:- Hey! What was that all about eh? Gave me quite the fright there, Well if the TARDIS can't tell me what ever this goop is then who can tell me?

The TARDIS beeps and shows The Doctor a map of the surrounding area, it was the map of a small town called Vertpond.

Doctor:- Vertpond? That's interesting...Maybe i can find someone there that can tell me something about this substance. Well..this is going to be a adventure! Hmm.. incroyable!

The Doctor makes his way to the town of Vertpond and in search for answers, Not knowing what he will find or what will happen, but it's going to be an adventure, the beginning of a new song and a continuance of a story.



Stephen Clifford is The Doctor

Runner Up, Kehlan O'Mahony Is Aaron "Pond" Williams

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