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Doctor Who-Episode One "Aaron" -AUDIO DRAMA-

Doctor Who-Episode One

Written By- Rachel Sweet

The Doctor makes his way into the small town of Vertpond he can just see the street lights leading from the main road, it was very quiet, the road was made of cobblestone, The Doctor was still partly regenerating, it was a surprise that no one noticed the golden glow coming from out of his mouth and ears. He made his way to a small Tudor Tea Shop, he kicked the door open...

Doctor:- TEA! I...I  need tea!

The Doctor falls to the sofa beside him, still slightly weak from the regeneration.


Aaron makes a mad dash to The Doctor, thoughts are running though his mind, what's wrong with this man? Is he ok? Should i call for a ambulance? Aaron rushed over with a first aid kit he began to ask The Doctor questions.

Aaron:- Sir? Sir are you ok? What do you need? What can i do?

Doctor:- *Weak & tired Doctor* Tea! I require Tea! Not just any tea! Earl Gray! NOW!

Aaron rushes to make The Doctor his finest Earl Gray.

Aaron:- Here! Here is some tea for you, i made it how everyone likes it...

The Doctor tries to sit up and look directly at Aaron, with no emotion in his eyes he continues...

Doctor:- *Leaving the bag in is serious business! Sound Serious Stephen!* Aaron...Did you, or did you not leave the bag in?

Aaron:- *Confused* Sir, I left the bag in for about 2 to 3 minutes...

Doctor:- *Yells* Boy! *Stop Yelling! But still be serious*  I like my tea strong, always leave the bag in!

Aaron:- *Defensive*  Geez! I'll try and make it your way next time eh?

The Doctor drinks most of his tea and slowly gains his sense of humour

Doctor:- *More Cheerful* No need to there old boy! Thanks for the tea but i better be off! Toodle Loo!

Aaron:- Hey hey hey! Hold up, you were just dying a second ago! I am not letting you leave this building! I am calling an ambulance to check you over!

Doctor:- No no no! This isn't necessary! You see i go through this process and...and..well how can i explain this to a human...

Aaron:- Explain what? what are you talking about?

Doctor:- *sound proud and magnificent* REGENERATION!
Aaron:- What? What do you know about regeneration?

Doctor:-  Many things! Regeneration helps...

Aaron:- Repair dying cells..

Doctor:- *Confused* Yes...How do you..know?

Aaron:- Well...I remember Grandfather telling me many wonderful stories about some crazy bloke in some wooden box...

Doctor:- *Defensive and trying to correct Aaron*  Actually the correct term is Mad Man in a blue box...

Aaron:- Yeah, whatever! Anyway, Grandfather told me that his Parents travelled with this "Mad Man with a blue box"  *Giggle lightly- not BWAHAHA just a tee-hee*  Great-Grandmother called him "Raggedy man" ...

Before Aaron could continue The Doctor grabbed both his arms gently and looked into his eyes with a sense of shock and joy in him, has a relation of The Ponds came back to him? Who is this Mysterious Tea Boy?

Doctor:- Who are you? Tell me who you are! I was once called "Raggedy man" by my best friend, What is your name?

Aaron:- *A little freaked out* Hey hey calm down! Get off me! I'm...I'm..Aaron, Aaron Williams, what's the matter?

Doctor:- *Still quite shocked and just a little excited*  Aaron! Are you any relation to an a Amelia Pond? I once knew her before the Angels!

Aaron:- That's Great-Grandmother, I always thought that her birthday was a bit odd, and the Angels, Grandfather said they took her in Manhattan, and that's where he lived most of his life..before he came to the UK many years back...But what is your relation to my Great-Grandparents? Who are you?

Doctor:- Aaron Pond! I am The Doctor, I first met Amelia in 1996, then...left her, i hate myself for doing that to her but we once again met 14 years later, then i met Rory...interesting nose i can clearly see you haven't got it!

Aaron sits down and is in complete shock that this man standing in front of him is a new incarnation of The Doctor, speaking of The Doctor he was looking at his reflection whining about his youthful looks

Aaron:- If i could stop you for a brief second Doctor...

Doctor:- Oh Aaron..Look at me..everyone is going to yell "GET BACK IN SCHOOL KID!"  This isn't cool..

Aaron:- *Serious tone*  Doctor!

Doctor:- Sorry, what?

Aaron:- What incarnation is this? What body are you on now?

Doctor:- This? Well..When i met your Great-Grandmother that was my 11th, this is my 13th, normally all Time Lords have up to 12 lives, I've  kinda pushed the limit, well no one is here to tell me what to do i make up my own rules.

Aaron:-'re just going to keep on living forever?

Doctor:- Sure..why not? The World needs me, i can't just die on it and let it get into trouble can i? Oh..speaking of the world, i better get going! Thank You Pond for the wonderful tea, i'll see you sometime..or unless?

Aaron:- You want me to come with you?

Doctor:- If you want to that is?

Aaron:- I want to! Doctor, show me the TARDIS! I have only heard about it through Grandfather's stories, i want to see it for myself!

Doctor:- Well...Come Along Pond! Ah! Feels good to say that again!

The Doctor and Aaron made their way back to The TARDIS, It looked exactly how Aaron imagined it, tall, blue...and a strange vibration coming from inside he didn't hear that in the stories

Doctor:- Well..Aaron here she is! My TARDIS! I bet your Grandfather told you many stories, By the way..who is your Grandfather?

Aaron ignored The Doctor and just smiled as he looked at The TARDIS, he looked back to the Doctor and replied with a huge smile..

Aaron:- Can i go inside?


Doctor:- Be my guest!

The Doctor and Aaron walked inside The TARDIS closing the door behind them, Aaron  walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere


Aaron:- So..this old thing works the same way? We can travel through time and space?

Doctor:- Yep, anywhere, anytime, anyplace!

Aaron:- So i wanted to..could we go back to 2012?

Doctor:- Yeah, do you wanna go there? Any reason?

Aaron:- I'd love to go! and well...I just want to see how life was like back in the olden times...

As Aaron said with a sinister smile, what is his plan? why isn't he talking about his Grandfather? The Doctor set the dials for June 2012, same place, VertPond.


Doctor:- Well...June 2012, Vertpond...Away we go! Yowza!


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