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Doctor Who-Episode Two "Long Live The Cyberqueen" -AUDIO DRAMA-

Doctor Who-Episode Two
"Long Live The Cyberqueen"
Written By- Rachel Sweet


The Doctor & Aaron make their way to Vertpond in the year 2012, while they were travelling The Doctor was observing the console making sure that everything was running smoothly while Aaron was walking around the TARDIS, he was curious about the place!


Doctor:- Erm...Aaron! Mind how you go! If you get lost you could be gone for hours! *Mutters under breath*  Or even weeks.. *Normal tone of voice*  If you're looking for the bathroom it's three doors down, through the kitchen, down the stairs, through the cave of bats and another three doors on your left! Oh! and if you can't find any loo roll give me a shout!

Aaron:- *Stuck in a daydream, not taking into account what The Doctor just said* Yeah yeah sure i know...Wow...this place is bigger than i expected! Well it was fun while it lasted, the sooner i am back in 2012 the better! *in grief*  Oh why oh why did i crash the Delorean? Urgh, Doc's going to kill me when he finds out!

Doctor:- *Shouting from a distance*  Who are you talking to? What's this i hear about a crash and killing?

Aaron:- *feeling nervous* Urm..Ah..Nothing! Nothing Doc..Ah i mean Doctor! I was just saying my mother would kill me if i was late for tea!

*The Doctor rushes down to Aaron to see what he is up to*

Doctor:- *Feeling quite jolly*  Oh ho ho ho...Don't you worry old boy, your mother wouldn't of noticed that you where gone! For all she could of know you just popped out for a minute! Everything will be fine! You'll be back for tea!...Say..are you hungry? I have a strange..craving for cat food...

*Random Llama noise*

Aaron:- What on earth was that? Do you have a farm up here? How do goats live up here?

*Llama noise again*

Doctor:- *Still quite jolly* Goats? On a spaceship?  *Belly Laugh i.e- HA HA HA!* Oh Aaron..That's just a myth..*suddenly serious* I have a Llama...I have a Llama in The TARDIS and she prefers to be known as Bessie, I named her after my car.

Aaron:- *is seriously confused*  WHAT? You have a Llama?..YOU HAVE A CAR?

Doctor:- I had a car...and Good old Bessie is my best friend! We've been through so much!
*Llama noise*
BESSIE! Come here old girl! Your such a lovely gal aren't you? ...Oh! Aaron! Meet..Bessie!

Aaron:- Urm...Hi Bessie! It's urm nice to meet you!

*Llama Noise*

Doctor:- Well, Looks like someone likes you! If you ever want a kiss from Bessie remember to wear a raincoat and boots! When she kisses you'd feel like you've just been pushed into a pool of water, or maybe i feel into the pool? Hmm..

Aaron:- Wait...a pool?

Doctor:- Yeah yeah, it's straight down, first left and then right a third left then your first left then another right and then up some stairs passed Bessie's room. Oh and if you're ever going to read anything don't bring the books into the pool, books get wet...they don't work when they are wet.

Aaron:- *sarcastic tone* Geez, what don't you have?

Doctor:- Milk!

Aaron:- *confused* Wait..what?

Doctor:- Yes! After we have reached 2012 we need to pop to the shop, i hope they have good milk there...Which reminds me...I haven't checked the console...See you in a sec Pond! Oh and don't get lost!

Aaron:- Me? Lost Ha!...Say..what's down here?

Aaron made his way down a long corridor, there was a room, a room that was making Aaron very curious and he had a right to be curious, he made his way to the door *ADD DOOR OPENING SOUND EFFECT* and as he looked in he caught his eye on a mysterious chest, he went in for a further inspection.

Aaron:- Geez, by the looks of this place you'd think it hasn't been clean from the past 30 odd years, Now i wonder what's inside this chest...and urm..Hmm, it seems to be unlocked? I guess this chest doesn't get around much...

Aaron opens up the chests and discovers a strange pink skateboard...

Aaron:- Hmm..this is the strangest looking skateboard i have ever seen, the silly thing hasn't even got any wheels for a start...

The Doctor comes running down to tell Aaron that they are in Vertpond in June 2012 but he manages to catch Aaron with the mysterious wheel-less skateboard.

Doctor:- Come Along Pond! We've arrived...Aaron, what are you doing? What are you doing in this room?

Aaron:- Urm..Ah..Urm nothing...i was just curious, i was wondering what was down here, there wasn't a light or anything, well there was a light but it was very dim...and there is a name on this door...Whose...Mar...Mar-tee...Oh Whose Marty?

Doctor:- No one! No...someone..a friend...a friend i used to have, Give me the hover-board Aaron and get to the console, this is a private room!

Aaron makes his way back to the console, feeling a bit wasn't his fault that he was curious, and if it was a private room then why wasn't it locked? and who is Marty?

Aaron:- Ok! Fine Doctor, if it was a private room it should of been locked! URGH!

The Doctor places the hover-board back in the chest and catches up to Aaron, he felt bad for yelling at him, it wasn't his fault.

Doctor:- Look, Aaron, what i said back there...I'm sorry, i should of locked door but i never manage to remember to do anything, Again I'm Sorry...I'm So Sorry...I bet you have questions.

Aaron:- *sigh* It's Ok, and yes i do have questions...Why do you have a pink hover-board and who is this Marty? Marty Mc-something.

Doctor:- Urgh, i don't want to say too dear friend Marty McFly, he somewhat picked it up from the parallel world of 2015, somehow that 2015 is more tech advanced to our own, Now enough of all this...! It's 2012 Pond!


Aaron:- So...this is 2012? *Cough Cough*  Well thanks Doc for the lift i'd better be going!

Doctor:- Hey..hey...hey! What are you doing? Where are you going?...What do you mean by giving you a lift?


Aaron:- Oh nothing that you should worry about Doc.

Doctor:- *Is confused* Wait what? Why are you calling me Doc? I am no Doc, I am The Doctor! Aaron tell me what is happen!

Aaron:- I just got stuck somewhere and i needed a lift back home, luckily you where in the right place at the right time! and i thank you for that!

Doctor:- Huh? Stuck what do you mean by stuck? Aaron Explain to me how on earth did you get to 2063?

Aaron:- It's urm..complicated...

Doctor:- Try me...I am the King Of Complicated! Trust me...I'll understand

Aaron:- *feeling nervous* Urm...well it's like this...

Before Aaron could explain himself a crowd of people where running out of the town in complete panic! The Doctor asked one of the villagers what's happening, There was a huge metallic woman and she was kidnapping innocent citizens and taking them into her Ice Cave.

Doctor:- Your explanation may have to wait till later Aaron, we've got to save these people!

Aaron:- Yes! Yes we must! But how?

Doctor:- Llama...

Aaron:- We're not riding a Llama are we?

Doctor:- *Quite Amused* Oh yes! BESSIE! GET OUT ERE OLD GAL!

*Random Llama noise*

Doctor:- Hop on Pond! Bessie won't bite!

*Random Llama noise*

Aaron:- Urm Ok...Let's see here how do i...Whoa!

Doctor:- Thought i'd help you there! Heh heh heh...

Aaron:- Well you could of warned me before pulling me up, i could of back flipped over this thing!

*Random Llama noise*

Doctor:- Thing has a name! Now let's get a move on! Come on old gal!

*Random Llama noise*

The Doctor & Aaron followed the strange icy road, people were having trouble trying to run and keep balance even Bessie was having trouble, there was something strange about this wasn't from this world...or from this time. They reach the Ice Caves from where the citizens of Vertpond where running out and away from...

Aaron:- *is super excited* Cool! Well Then Let's Go Look Around!

Doctor:-  WAIT AARON!!


Doctor:- Aaron i told you to wait...and what?

The Doctor looks up and continued his speech in complete shock...

Doctor:- Oh No! It’s a Cyberqueen! She Is Very Strong More Strong Then The Cyber Controller!     
Aaron:- That name sounds familiar..Cyberqueen...Cyber..CYBERMEN! Yes! I remember, they terrorized a town near here many years ago...they wanted to upgrade them all, glad they didn't manage to get here..

Doctor:- Ah...Ashpond...Me and my Clara saved the day!..I think it was back in 2003, Yes..there were some strange people wearing glasses with "2003" on them. Hmm..Oh Aaron! be careful the floor is extra slippy here!

Aaron:- WHOAAA! HELP!...OW!

Cyberqueen:- Cyber Systems Activating!

Aaron:- Oh god..what is happening?

Doctor:- The Queen wants to speak to her royal servants, Oi! Queeny! How Are You Still Here? I Destroyed Your Tombs In The 1960s How Are You Lot Still Here?

Cyberqueen:- I Had The Strongest Force field And I Put In The Force field Myself And The Most Strongest Cybermen! After The Explosion I Put Us In Cryogenic Hyper Sleep For Hundreds Of Years!

Aaron gets teleported from out of The Doctor's reach and is now in the hands of The Cyberqueen, Aaron is now struggling to break free...

Aaron:- Oy...Queeny get your grubby hands off me! Ah! Doctor tell her!..

Cyberqueen:- we will create a new race of cybermen!

Doctor:- AARON! What are you going to do to him?

Aaron randomly vanishes from the room, where he is no one has any idea...

Cyberqueen:-  we will clone him many times to make more cybermen from his clones!

Doctor:- Blimey...Six Aarons...It's just as freighting when Donna stole the TARDIS and became the DoctorDonna...No wait...this is much worse!

Aaron:- OI! Watch your mouth spaceman!

Doctor:- Haha! I could spot you from a mile out Aaron!


Doctor:- Six Aarons is freaky, one is just enough...

Aaron:- Hey Doc! Urm I mean Doctor! I have an idea! 

Aaron pulls out a small device from out of his pocket, it somewhat looks like a small touchscreen phone...

Doctor:- Aaron i don't think that this is a good time to exchange phone numbers!

Aaron:- No, Doctor...Trust me on this...

Aaron activates a sonic boom like noise from his device which created a avalanche...


The Cyberqueen Teleports Away With six of her Cybermen, snow and ice is falling down pretty quick, The Doctor moves over to Aaron and grabs his hand...

Doctor:- Come Along Pond!...RUN!!

The Doctor & Aaron jump on Bessie and make a mad dash out of the location...Bessie is pretty fast on her feet when she wants to be, and as soon as they are out of the danger zone The Doctor has a word with Aaron.

Doctor:- You know Aaron, you where pretty awesome back there! That thing in your pocket...what is it?

Aaron:- Thanks and Urm...*Cough Cough*  Heh heh...Spoilers!

Doctor:- Oh no...don't you start with that, i had enough of that with River...Well you are related in a sense so this doesn't surprise me really...

Aaron:- Listen, Doctor...Don't worry so much! Great-Grandmother spoke of your worries quite a lot, it is quite silly, you need to relax...

Doctor:- I'll try...and i don't worry that much! Your Grandmother tells such stories! are you still classing me as a taxi service? You still didn't tell me how you got to 2063.

Aaron:- Oh, Well...I have to say, i am sorry that i assumed you was a Taxi service, being family i'd thought you'd be ok with it and besides i was stuck and i needed to get back to the Doc before he got worried...

Doctor:- And another thing...Who is this Doc you keep mistaking me for?

Aaron:- Oh Doctor...Let's get back to The TARDIS, i'll make you a cuppa tea and i can tell you what's been happening, Have you ever heard of a DeLorean?

And so The Doctor and Aaron make their way back to The TARDIS, are we going to find out more about Aaron's mysterious life stories? Only tea and time will tell...


Doctor Who-Episode One "Aaron" -AUDIO DRAMA-

Doctor Who-Episode One

Written By- Rachel Sweet

The Doctor makes his way into the small town of Vertpond he can just see the street lights leading from the main road, it was very quiet, the road was made of cobblestone, The Doctor was still partly regenerating, it was a surprise that no one noticed the golden glow coming from out of his mouth and ears. He made his way to a small Tudor Tea Shop, he kicked the door open...

Doctor:- TEA! I...I  need tea!

The Doctor falls to the sofa beside him, still slightly weak from the regeneration.


Aaron makes a mad dash to The Doctor, thoughts are running though his mind, what's wrong with this man? Is he ok? Should i call for a ambulance? Aaron rushed over with a first aid kit he began to ask The Doctor questions.

Aaron:- Sir? Sir are you ok? What do you need? What can i do?

Doctor:- *Weak & tired Doctor* Tea! I require Tea! Not just any tea! Earl Gray! NOW!

Aaron rushes to make The Doctor his finest Earl Gray.

Aaron:- Here! Here is some tea for you, i made it how everyone likes it...

The Doctor tries to sit up and look directly at Aaron, with no emotion in his eyes he continues...

Doctor:- *Leaving the bag in is serious business! Sound Serious Stephen!* Aaron...Did you, or did you not leave the bag in?

Aaron:- *Confused* Sir, I left the bag in for about 2 to 3 minutes...

Doctor:- *Yells* Boy! *Stop Yelling! But still be serious*  I like my tea strong, always leave the bag in!

Aaron:- *Defensive*  Geez! I'll try and make it your way next time eh?

The Doctor drinks most of his tea and slowly gains his sense of humour

Doctor:- *More Cheerful* No need to there old boy! Thanks for the tea but i better be off! Toodle Loo!

Aaron:- Hey hey hey! Hold up, you were just dying a second ago! I am not letting you leave this building! I am calling an ambulance to check you over!

Doctor:- No no no! This isn't necessary! You see i go through this process and...and..well how can i explain this to a human...

Aaron:- Explain what? what are you talking about?

Doctor:- *sound proud and magnificent* REGENERATION!
Aaron:- What? What do you know about regeneration?

Doctor:-  Many things! Regeneration helps...

Aaron:- Repair dying cells..

Doctor:- *Confused* Yes...How do you..know?

Aaron:- Well...I remember Grandfather telling me many wonderful stories about some crazy bloke in some wooden box...

Doctor:- *Defensive and trying to correct Aaron*  Actually the correct term is Mad Man in a blue box...

Aaron:- Yeah, whatever! Anyway, Grandfather told me that his Parents travelled with this "Mad Man with a blue box"  *Giggle lightly- not BWAHAHA just a tee-hee*  Great-Grandmother called him "Raggedy man" ...

Before Aaron could continue The Doctor grabbed both his arms gently and looked into his eyes with a sense of shock and joy in him, has a relation of The Ponds came back to him? Who is this Mysterious Tea Boy?

Doctor:- Who are you? Tell me who you are! I was once called "Raggedy man" by my best friend, What is your name?

Aaron:- *A little freaked out* Hey hey calm down! Get off me! I'm...I'm..Aaron, Aaron Williams, what's the matter?

Doctor:- *Still quite shocked and just a little excited*  Aaron! Are you any relation to an a Amelia Pond? I once knew her before the Angels!

Aaron:- That's Great-Grandmother, I always thought that her birthday was a bit odd, and the Angels, Grandfather said they took her in Manhattan, and that's where he lived most of his life..before he came to the UK many years back...But what is your relation to my Great-Grandparents? Who are you?

Doctor:- Aaron Pond! I am The Doctor, I first met Amelia in 1996, then...left her, i hate myself for doing that to her but we once again met 14 years later, then i met Rory...interesting nose i can clearly see you haven't got it!

Aaron sits down and is in complete shock that this man standing in front of him is a new incarnation of The Doctor, speaking of The Doctor he was looking at his reflection whining about his youthful looks

Aaron:- If i could stop you for a brief second Doctor...

Doctor:- Oh Aaron..Look at me..everyone is going to yell "GET BACK IN SCHOOL KID!"  This isn't cool..

Aaron:- *Serious tone*  Doctor!

Doctor:- Sorry, what?

Aaron:- What incarnation is this? What body are you on now?

Doctor:- This? Well..When i met your Great-Grandmother that was my 11th, this is my 13th, normally all Time Lords have up to 12 lives, I've  kinda pushed the limit, well no one is here to tell me what to do i make up my own rules.

Aaron:-'re just going to keep on living forever?

Doctor:- Sure..why not? The World needs me, i can't just die on it and let it get into trouble can i? Oh..speaking of the world, i better get going! Thank You Pond for the wonderful tea, i'll see you sometime..or unless?

Aaron:- You want me to come with you?

Doctor:- If you want to that is?

Aaron:- I want to! Doctor, show me the TARDIS! I have only heard about it through Grandfather's stories, i want to see it for myself!

Doctor:- Well...Come Along Pond! Ah! Feels good to say that again!

The Doctor and Aaron made their way back to The TARDIS, It looked exactly how Aaron imagined it, tall, blue...and a strange vibration coming from inside he didn't hear that in the stories

Doctor:- Well..Aaron here she is! My TARDIS! I bet your Grandfather told you many stories, By the way..who is your Grandfather?

Aaron ignored The Doctor and just smiled as he looked at The TARDIS, he looked back to the Doctor and replied with a huge smile..

Aaron:- Can i go inside?


Doctor:- Be my guest!

The Doctor and Aaron walked inside The TARDIS closing the door behind them, Aaron  walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere


Aaron:- So..this old thing works the same way? We can travel through time and space?

Doctor:- Yep, anywhere, anytime, anyplace!

Aaron:- So i wanted to..could we go back to 2012?

Doctor:- Yeah, do you wanna go there? Any reason?

Aaron:- I'd love to go! and well...I just want to see how life was like back in the olden times...

As Aaron said with a sinister smile, what is his plan? why isn't he talking about his Grandfather? The Doctor set the dials for June 2012, same place, VertPond.


Doctor:- Well...June 2012, Vertpond...Away we go! Yowza!


Doctor Who- Pilot Episode "Welcome Thirteen" AUDIO DRAMA SCRIPT!

Doctor Who- Pilot Episode
"Welcome Thirteen"

Written By- Rachel Sweet

It was a drafty November evening, it was slowly getting dark and the only source of light was coming from the mysterious well. There was still no sign of the Doctor nor his body it was almost unlikely that The Doctor is ever going to survive this deep pool of liquid but until minutes after the liquid began to bubble then appeared a head.

Doctor:- *Almost out of breath* That was something i wasn't expecting today! YUCK!  This..this liquid isn't that delicious.

The Doctor gets out of the mysterious well and tries to get dry

Doctor:- *Incredibly Confused* Where am i? What time is it? It's dark..very dark..

The Doctor searches within his pockets to see if there is anything within them that can help jog his memory, with what luck the incredible sonic screwdriver activated while he was searching.

Doctor:- *Excited* Ahhhh-HA! Oh this is FANTASTIC! Really fantastic! Oh i remember you, Oh i do remember you old girl! My sonic screwdriver! *Brief Pause* But...but why would i need something like this?

Foolishly The Doctor looked directly into his sonic screwdriver and within that split second the screwdriver activated once again shooting a beam of light into The Doctor's eye.

Doctor:- OWW!..WAIT! I know! I know who i am now! YES! I AM THE DOCTOR! Hm my eye hurts and my clothes are a lot more bigger than i remember...Oh no..i've not..i haven't..Oh i've regenerated haven't i?  *The Doctor checks his face and gasps*  Blimey someone's turned the clock back..these cheeks...I'm a baby! NO! I can't be a baby! Impossible! But these full of life. I need to get back to The TARDIS, i have questions that need to be answered.

An hour passed and The Doctor finally reaches his TARDIS and he enters rushing to find a mirror to check out his new face

Doctor:- Thank goodness i still have the key to the TARDIS  in my pocket, now...a mirror..mirror..mirror..mirror..Ah-HA!..Oh..Oh..Oh dear, oh dear oh dear, i wasn't expecting this, i wasn't expecting this at all! Well, could be'm..STILL NOT GINGER! Well shouldn't fret there is far more important studies to be taken at hand.

The Doctor takes off his jacket to analyses the liquid that was still on him, but the TARDIS is having difficulty understanding this matter

Doctor:-  Well that's strange, The TARDIS doesn't normally have problems understanding alien substances, maybe returning to that mysterious well and get more samples and even study the surroundings...

The Doctor makes his way back to the mysterious well, it was still dark and gloomy but luckily the light above the well was still shining bright it was as bright as the glowing moon in the sky, A more prepared Doctor begins to analyse the area he continues to bring out a magnifying glass and starts sniffing around.

Doctor:- Well by looking at this substance it doesn't seem very earthly, The TARDIS did say that we are located on earth 2063.

The Doctor looked deep within the mysterious well trying to be careful when getting a sample for his research he took out a syringe and gained a sample. A small bird flew down  and bathed in the liquid, then a bubble formed around the creature, the bubble turned white then popped leaving that once adult bird into a young chickling, The Doctor stood there in complete shock.

Doctor:- That black now a chickling...this doesn't make any sense what so ever, i should take this sample back to the TARDIS and find out what it is, it defiantly isn't water question if a few seconds caused that bird to become a chickling, then..if i was drowning...Oh Dear..

The Doctor made a quick dash back to the TARDIS, thoughts about the Black Bird where still running through his mind, he runs through the TARDIS's front doors almost tripping over both his feet, then he reaches the console.

Doctor:- Come on old 'gal! You don't normally take this long to analyse! Then again this stuff is very goopy i needed a butter knife to get this stuff out. I hope i haven't damaged...

Before he could finish his sentence a loud bang came from within the TARDIS's control area and what was sent in came straight back out. The Doctor sounding a bit terrified.

Doctor:- Hey! What was that all about eh? Gave me quite the fright there, Well if the TARDIS can't tell me what ever this goop is then who can tell me?

The TARDIS beeps and shows The Doctor a map of the surrounding area, it was the map of a small town called Vertpond.

Doctor:- Vertpond? That's interesting...Maybe i can find someone there that can tell me something about this substance. Well..this is going to be a adventure! Hmm.. incroyable!

The Doctor makes his way to the town of Vertpond and in search for answers, Not knowing what he will find or what will happen, but it's going to be an adventure, the beginning of a new song and a continuance of a story.



Stephen Clifford is The Doctor

Runner Up, Kehlan O'Mahony Is Aaron "Pond" Williams